When it came to love, she enjoyed the thrill of the chase but seldom stopped to check whether happiness was keeping up.
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before discovering lana del rey


after discovering lana del rey



*planet explodes* *removes one earbud* what

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when u find out someone super hot also has an amazing personality 


And I know people are going to obsess over who it’s about, because they think they have all my relationships mapped out. But there’s a reason there are not any overt call-outs in that song. My intent was not to create some gossip-fest. I wanted people to apply it to a situation where they felt betrayed in their own lives.
― the most important thing Taylor said about her new song “Bad Blood” that should not be ignored (x)

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I would rather wander around a store for 9 hours than ask an employee where something is and this I do not understand
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the best part about blogging is that no one actually knows if youre naked or not

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Evan Peters playing a hopeless romantic in American Horror Story


"I’m your girl," she said in the dark. "Your girl. No matter what I’m always your girl."
― Ernest Hemingway, from The Garden Of Eden. (via deserted-streets)

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5 summers from now
there will be another guy
who will be wrapping his hands
around my waist.

And he’ll ask me
if I have been in love.
I will smile and look into his eyes
and tell him how I have never felt
this way before.
But I won’t be able to say
that 5 summers ago,
there was someone who
made everyday seem like
mid spring, and how he
made me see blossoming flowers
in mid winter.

And he’ll leave soft kisses on me,
and tell me i’m his world.
And i’ll effortlessly say it back,
but I won’t be able to say that
5 summers ago someone else
was my entire universe.

And my apartment will have
little specks of him all over ,
but I won’t be able to tell him
about the little smudged off specks
of you in my heart.

― " 5 Summers from Now by Dia T. (via cared)